Camping Regulations

Bungalow check-in time: from 15,00-15,30

Check-out time: from 8 am to 09,30 am.

Upon arrival you will be asked for a €100.00 security deposit to be refunded upon check-out, upon verifying that the accommodations are in good conditions, otherwise it will be withheld partially or in its entirety to cover cleaning fees.

Cancellations can be made by complying with the Memorandum of Understanding indicated below:

Cancellations are valid: if communicate only by e-mail with a read receipt or by registered letter with acknowledgement of receipt. In the event of a cancellation (notified at least 30 days prior to the expected arrival date for the stay) the security deposit will be reimbursed, minus the administrative fee and commission of € 25.00.

In the event of a cancellation (notified at least 15 days before the expected arrival date), the security deposit may be used by the client during the season in progress for another stay of equal length, to be agreed upon by the owner of the lodgings facility.

Cancellations made later will be subject to full forfeiture of the security deposit.

All bookings will be cancelled if Management does not receive an e-mail notifying any postponement of arrival at least 24 hours prior to the expected arrival date.

As of 4 pm of the following day of the expected arrival date, the contract will be considered cancelled and Management will be free to use the accommodations as it sees fit.

The client will be forced to pay to Camping Souvenir the entire amount of the booked stay in the event of:

  • Postponed arrival;
  • Early departure;
  • No arrival, which was not cancelled under the aforementioned terms and conditions.

Departures and arrivals are regulated in compliance with the hours shown. Bungalows, Mobile Homes, and Pitches must be vacated by 10 am.

All campers and visitors, adults and children, are obligated to submit their documents to Management upon arrival; EVEN CHILDREN 0/1 YEARS OLD, OTHERWISE ACCESS TO THE FACILITIES WILL NOT BE PERMITTED.

Drivers of vehicles must proceed at a dead slow speed when traveling along the campground roads.
Playing with a ball and cycling around the campground in order to play is absolutely prohibited. Children must always be accompanied when using the various equipment and in the washrooms. Parents are directly responsible for their children. Management will not be held liable in the event of accidents.

The following is prohibited digging hole and trenches, lighting fires (only gas barbecues are allowed), putting nails in trees, tying tarps from one tree to another, damaging in any way flowers and plants, the services and the equipment of the campground, and, particularly, dumping hot water on the grass and the base of plants. Violators will be asked to reimburse the damages and to leave the Campground.

The following is prohibited throwing papers, waste and cigarette butts outside of the appropriate containers. Washing dishes and laundry outside of the suitable and designated areas is also prohibited.

Washing your car is not allowed..

All campers must safeguard their personal objects.
Management does not assume any liability, in any event, for the LOSS OR THEFT OF ANY OF YOUR PERSONAL PROPERTY.
Management reserves the right to issue, at any time, at its sole discretion: norms, regulations, hour schedules and anything else which may be deemed necessary.
Management reserves the right to expel anyone responsible for acts of harassment or vandalism.
Admission or Booking with Camping SOUVENIR ** requires the viewing and acceptance of these regulations.