If you’re a lover of the outdoors and nature, this part of Tuscany is made for you. During your stay at Camping Souvenir in Tuscany at Marina Massa you can: go trekking or on excursions in the Apuan Alps, discover nature spots of enchanting beauty, visit medieval villages rich with history, folklore and local products.

The Apuan Alps

The Apuan Alps, a chain extending from the Northwest of Lunigiana, over the Northeast of Garfagnana and the Southwest of Versilia, consist of various mountains among which Monte Sagro (1749 meters AMSL), Mount Cavallo (1895 meters AMSL), Mount Pisanino (the highest peak – 1946 meters AMSL), Mount Tambura (1890 meters AMSL), and the Panie group.

They are a series of peaks that enclose and protect a pricelessly beautiful environment rich with history and tradition; these mountains appear to have been inhabited in ancient times, as testified by the rock carvings found in Alta Versilia sulle Panie.

The assortment of floral and plant species inhabiting these elevations is quite vast, some of which are native species.

Within the Apuan Alps is the Apuan Alps Regional Park which is part of the UNESCO Geo-Parks network.

There are many activities you can enjoy in the Apuan Alps, from simple walks through the woods and hills, to trekking, expert excursions and climbs.

There are even very important karst sites with kilometers and kilometers of caves, parts of which can be visited, like the famous Antro del Corchia.

Whichever outdoor activity you wish to enjoy during your stay in Tuscany, reaching the mountains from Camping Souvenir in Marina di Massa is rather simple. For example, you can go by car to Campo Cecina in Carrara to start the trail towards Monte Sagro (considered one of the easiest excursions), it’s just a 1 hour trip.

The Garfagnana

A land rich with history, traditions, beautiful landscapes, folklore and good food, situated in the province of Lucca. Must-sees in Garfagnana and surrounding areas:

  • the villages of Castelnuovo di Garfagnana, Castiglione di Garfagnana, Minucciano
  • Lake Vagli inside of which the ancient town lays submerged after the dam was built; a park was created here recently, Vagli park, where you can view the lake from 1500 meters above hanging from a zip-line or aboard a helicopter
  • Camp Catino with the characteristic abandoned shepherds stone houses

  • The Diavolo Bridge in Borgo a Mozzano, legend has it that this bridge was erected overnight by the devil

  • The Vento Caves, an important karst site.

La Lunigiana

La Lunigiana is another extraordinary area bordering Garfagnana but situated entirely in the province of Massa Carrara; a place full of history, parishes, castles, traditions, beautiful landscapes, customs and good food.

Must-sees in Lunigiana:

  • the medieval villages like Fivizzano, Casola in Lunigaina, Mulazzo, Zeri and many others

  • the numerous parishes spread throughout the territory

  • the numerous castles and forts, like the Castle of Fosdinovo, the Fortress of Verrucola near Fivizzano, the Fortress of Brunella ad Aulla
  • the routes, like those of Cerreto and Lagastrello.

There are numerous feasts and events held during the summer season, a culturally memorable one being the Premio Bancarella (Booth Prize) held in the “bookseller’s town” of Mulazzo; another literary prize, which has been held for a few years now, is the Silent Book Contest.